Attractive Painted Stair Risers

Install Accent Wall Tile

Painted Stair Risers – A staircase was packed risers (instead of open risers) includes a surface on back of each step above tread. This means that if you want to painted stair risers you will have two areas to consider, including tread and riser. Look for more interesting, it may choose to paint each of these surfaces of a different color to a dark color and tread of a color light elevator. No matter color or colors you choose, process to paint stairs with risers packaged is same.

Stairs without carpets need frequent paint jobs to maintain their neat, clean and fresh. Use your imagination to incorporate an artistic design on steps to add visual interest and color. Select colors of painted stair risers for steps (horizontal part tread) and risers (vertical part of a ladder) that match theme of surrounding area and complement it.

Give your wooden stairs an attractive contrast with dyeing steps and risers painting. Stained steps in an identical tone to wood to give it a rustic feel. Although white painted stair risers is commonly used because of its ability to harmonize with area, select any color that suits or highlight theme of room or wall paper. Allow each coat of paint and stain to dry thoroughly before adding another

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