Beveled Wall Mirror Full Of Ideas

Beveled Wall Mirror Oval

Beveled wall mirror – Update a room with a full wall mirror for a modern look. If the mirror lies in an entry, living room, bedroom or living room, the options are available to give personality to the mirror. Create a feature wall, enhance or conceal a corridor wall that has seen better days. Look at the existing decor of room for ideas about color, style and detail to unify the space. Designing a framework for using full wall mirror moldings and ornaments. Experiment with different looks by layering pieces together for a wide plot. Look at the moldings in the room to use as a starting point. Paint the trim a contrasting or complementary color. For example, pull a colorful cushions and paint part of the same hue. Or choose a muted cream or beige to a room already rich in color and texture tone. For a rustic look, make a frame with wooden slats recovered.

Vinyl decals are available in a wide range of styles and shapes. Create a screen in the corner of the mirror or cover the mirror with a pattern. Apply a bird cage vintage looking in a corner of the mirror and organize a flock of birds flying away from it. Divide the length of the mirror with icy areas. Try thick horizontal stripes that run along the wall. Another idea for beveled wall mirror is to frost a pattern directly in the mirror. A brick pattern metro style, herringbone, honeycomb and other geometric patterns can be used.

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Use the templates of letters to add a message or phrase to the mirror. For a dining area, paint the word “eat” in bright red. One bedroom will do well with the word “dream” or a quote about sleeping, while an entry can be inscribed with “enter” or “welcome”. Other ideas for beveled wall mirror include stenciling the name, a quote from a book or movie, your favorite Latin phrase or any other significant thing to add to the mirror. Choose a font you love and paint in a bright, cheerful color for a modern look.