Blue Wall Paint Colors

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Blue wall paint – In addition to red and yellow, blue is one of the three primary colors. Just like green and purple, blue is a cool color, which means that it is a recessive color calm, even evokes emotions. As the color of water and sky, blue has associations with life and heaven. Powder blue is a light shade of blue like the color known as blue baby. Powder blue and baby blue both are light, fragile shades of blue, perfect for small rooms, bathrooms and nurseries. Powder blue, like many shades of light blue, is often used because it is pleasant to the eye and generally easy to combine with other shades of blue. However, this color is often light and bright for a large room or a room with a high ceiling.

Gray blue wall paint, a naturally quiet and subdued color, looks best with different natural colors such as sage, sand and gray. Gray blue is a very smart choice in a room with blond or yellow hardwood floors. Cream colored upholstery sets often gray blue paint apart.

Very deep blue wall paint, navy is a color approaching black, associated with midnight, darkness, mystery and severity. This color is too deep and dark to paint in most rooms. However, it is justified under certain special circumstances. For example, marine walls make a fine addition to a dining room with cathedral ceilings and a very large, two-story living room and that room is exposed to enough daylight and when the windows are large enough. If your heart is set on the use of the navy in a smaller room with little natural light, an accent wall is more appropriate.

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