Design Bamboo Wall Covering

Bamboo Wall Covering Vertikal

Bamboo Wall Covering – Since time immemorial, bamboo has been used as building material for many applications. It is therefore not surprising then that the architects and engineers to become increasingly fascinated by the qualities of bamboo to the point of integrating it into the most modern technologies. It’s strength and hardness exceeds woods such as oak, which is why it is also known as vegetable steel or steel grass. In recent years, bamboo wall covering is also being widely used in interior design can be found growing bamboo flooring, wall coverings, furniture, doors design, etc.

A sustainable material

Bamboo come from a grass that grow in Asia, Central America and Africa. It lets get crops over a period of time between 5 and 6 years unlike other timber species that require up to four times. In addition to being an herb does not need replanting, as it flows naturally each year. The rapid growth of the plant is its great strength against the wood, as the performance of a bamboo wall covering forest can be 20 times greater than the one of trees. This does not mean that wood is not also an environmentally friendly option, since controlled wood farms entail an increase of forests, keeping them healthy and developing countries.

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