Fireplace Surrounds Design

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Fireplace surrounds – If you have recently moved into a new house, you will surely have some redecorating to do. Besides painting and repair usual, you have to choose the decoration for your home. If you have a fireplace, then you have to think about how to make elegant and stylish. Fireplaces are made from more than one party. It is a combination of elements that work together and make a single block.

Most importantly, fireplace surrounds is the way it looks. Two main parts of the fireplace is the fireplace and around. The envelope is actually a component of the mantelpiece, the edge of the fireplace. It is an essential part of the fireplace, which serves as the basis for the whole aspect of the mantelpiece.

There is a case where fireplace surrounds is not required, and that’s when you will use the fireplace mantel shelves. These shelves do not require the use of a fireplace surround, because they are designed to be attached above the fireplace itself. Surrounding mantle can be found in many different models, sizes, colors and styles. The patterns of each of these materials are unique and sizes enhance the look of the fireplace.

Tiles for Fireplace Surrounds by Wood

Fireplace exposed frames were once popular as they were described as rustic. However, to change the look of your fireplace, tile flooring is a quick and easy option. It is important to choose tiles that are heat resistant and does not catch fire. There are several different types of tiles that can be used for a fireplace surrounds. Granite tiles offer a contemporary look to a chimney liner. The number of colors available in granite tiles is lower than in pottery styles. However, granite fireplace produces a modern and stylish look.

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Glass tiles are an option to cover the wooden frame. Tempered glass is resistant to any change in temperature. Such tiles are unique and can be decorative fireplace surrounds. You do not have to use the same color glass tiles, but creates a mosaic appearance. Also, if you have tempered glass pieces, tiles need not be uniform.

Ceramic tiles are good for coating the interior chimneys and air free. They are available in all kinds of textures and colors and can be used to create different designs fireplace surrounds. Ceramic tiles are actually used for many chimney liners and have excellent insulation. However, with very extreme temperatures, they become brittle and break. It’s a good idea to keep some spare tiles on hand.