Hallway Paint Ideas

Amazing Hallway Paint Ideas

The hallway paint ideas are often a neglected area of ​​a house full of doors and a boring painting. However, you can paint yours in many ways that make it more interesting for visitors, and will add spark to your daily commute through it. From simple paint jobs with small edges as ornaments to large murals, the infinite possibilities allow you to choose a style that is right for your home.

You can choose a single color in your hallway paint ideas, like white or cream, but interesting choose a horizontal edge of the walls to get the effect of attention. The edges usually appear at the top of a wall, and the hallways are no exception. The floral and geometric designs are classic edges. You can make a stencil for your edge or buy one panel and apply it in the hallway.

For a hallway paint ideas that fits your personality, adds a mural. The mural can change as you walk down the aisle, for example starting from a jungle and ending in a field or starting with butterflies and ending with cats. The abstract murals can invoke a range of feelings, from “rise up and walk” to “calm down and relax.”

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