How To Paint Beach Wall Murals

Beautiful Beach Wall Murals

Beach wall murals – If you are placed by the soothing sounds of the ocean and the smell of salt in the air, why not take home a piece of the beach to paint the room to look like your favorite tropical getaway? Invoking the feeling of the sea will give your room a relaxing atmosphere that can serve as an escape after a busy day.

Instructions to paint beach wall murals: move all the furniture in the middle of the room. Protect it and floor with plastic sheeting. Remove switch plates from electrical outlets and switches. Cover switches and sockets with masking tape. Choose how to become a point on the edge of the horizon, and run a strip of tape around the room at that level. Paint the blue sky over the horizon and the blue or green color you choose for the ocean below it.

Use a special paint effects sand to fill the area of ​​the beach. Paint the clouds in the sky from a cup paint mixing with four cups of icing. Use a sponge to dab white paint on the sky, rolling and turning the towel to make different cloud shapes. Soften the clouds dabbing them with wet gauze.

Use the same technique to create waves and whitecaps on the ocean mural. Blend white with ocean blues to give the depths of the ocean and the change, which will make it seem more realistic. Finally, to paint beach wall murals, remove the tape and tarps and then replace the switch plates in the room.

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