Length Of The Stair Lifts For Elderly

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The stair lifts for elderly are a valuable option for families that include a disabled person, disabled or elderly who cannot climb stairs safely. Watch the stairs to determine which side is most appropriate to install the stair lift track. Note window frames, doors, radiators or other objects that could obstruct it. Depending on the manufacturer, many stairs extend beyond the upper landing and the foot of the stairs.

Measure the distance from the edge of the top step to the upper landing. The landing is where you get to ground level and no further steps. Write the measurements of stair lifts for elderly. Stretch a tape measure from the edge of the upper edge of the bottom step to step. Measures only the usable width between the rails, not the area that extends beyond.

Stretch the tape from the bottom of the landing at the nearest wall or other obstruction. The step is the flat area where you put your foot to climb the stair lifts for elderly. Position the tape measure from the top edge of a step to the lower edge of the next. Stretch the tape from the back of one step to the edge of the surface to determine the depth of the tread.

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