Making Hanging Wine Rack

Hanging Wine Rack

Hanging wine rack – It is always nice to go to a bar or restaurant and watch the tops of wine hanging neatly on the head. It makes you feel that everything is ready for you to sit and drink a drink. If you do not want to have to search for the wine glasses in a closet and would like to have them hanging and ready for you, check out these suggestions.

Hanging wine rack supports two short parallel wooden slats with each other. This will create the basis Holder wine glasses. Mark sections 1.5 inches (3.81 cm) apart from each other with your pencil in each slat to have seven sections in each batten. Put the longest wooden slats above the marked, leaving open between each section. You should have four strips with three holes.

Hanging wine rack, drilling pilot holes into the center of each of the ends of the long strips and the base. Each upper bar screwed into place using wood screws. Drill holes through the base of your cabinet and install the wine rack using the butterfly nut bolts.

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