Narrow And Tall Bookcase Ideas

Best Narrow And Tall Bookcase

Narrow And Tall Bookcase Ideas – Although the shape may seem strange and not very flexible, tall and narrow bookshelves can be an ideal choice in many cases to decorate the house in order to become more beautiful. You just do not know all of them yet. tall and narrow bookshelf also very useful furniture for homes that have a small space as this will save space.

You can get books and others by putting on narrow and tall bookshelves in the corner of the room. This will help you turn a corner room on complex storage location and organized. Many people may not consider a large home improvement task for lack of more space in their homes. To overcome the problem of a very small space and a lot of important things for the start we see a progressive way to expand their private home storage area in your room where books and other products maintained in narrow and high bookshelves. ,

Through the use of narrow and tall bookshelves you can organize all the books and trinkets in a big way. In case you opt for a mobile stand tall it would offer several advantages as well as allowing you to increase storage areas for smaller products in your salon. Thus, many individuals support adorn the corners of the house, put on a narrow piece of furniture, such as a bookshelf or a corner cupboard.

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Making Tall Bookcases on Wheels Make

Tall bookcases – A rolling bookcase can serve a purpose in every room because it can be easily moved. If your house has high ceilings, take advantage of all the vertical space by building a large bookcase. Single sheets of 3/4 inch plywood with a saw the following sizes: 4-by-8-foot, 1 per 8 feet and 3 -feet-10 1 / 2-inch-by-1-foot. Install a rectangle from the two side pieces and two of the shorter pieces. The side pieces must sandwich between the shorter pieces. Drill three 1/16 inch pilot holes through each corner and put the box together with a 2-inch wood screw through each pilot hole. Countersink each screw head slightly below the wood surface in this and all other steps.

Place the 4-by-8-foot sheet of plywood on the box. Drill a pilot hole to the 6 centimeter around the perimeter. Secure the plywood with 2-inch wood screws. Turn the bookcase on top of his back. Determine the location of your shelves for tall bookcases. You can place them as you wish, but the measurements on each side must be exactly the same, so the shelves to his level.

highlight the location of each shelf with a pencil line, with the aid of a level in order to ensure that they are all right. Make your signs on the outside walls of the bookcase where the screws will enter. Set the shelf in the tall bookcases, lining them with your pencil lines. Drill three pilot holes through the sides of the bookcase and end of each plank. Use 2-inch wood screws to fix the planks in place. Fill the screw heads with wood putty, scrape it smooth with a spatula. Allow the putty to dry.

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