Tips For Placing A Freestanding Fireplace

Accent Colors For Light Gray Walls

With freestanding fireplace we can drive away the cold. Fireplaces bring another independent source of heat in your home to help keep the cold. Tips for placing a freestanding fireplace. Prepare desired to place the fireplace. All parts of the oven radiate heat, so you cannot have anything flammable near the fireplace. Usually, there must be at least 36 inches of clearance between the chimney and walls. Measure and cut a piece of fire-rated home. Cover walls surrounding cardboard factory at a height of at least 18 higher than the top of the chimney inches.

Place pieces of wall with those recommended by the manufacturer of the plate mill screws. Cover the mill with a fire resistant covering the wall. Place one on the floor and walls as indicated by the manufacturer. Cut a hole in the ceiling and the roof directly in line with the outlet opening of the fireplace. Set the roof structure and roof assembly.

Place the first section directly to the chimney. Then follow attaching sections of chimney pipe, running through the mounting hardware on the roof. The chimney must extend at least 3 feet beyond the roof level. Light a fire in the freestanding fireplace to the test.

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