Transforming Lair In Man Cave Ideas For Basement

Cool Man Cave Ideas For Basement

Man cave ideas for basement The man cave ideas for basement gives the idea of male decorations, including flat screen TVs, comfortable chairs and a well stocked bar. Redesigning your lair to be a cave for men requires measuring the size of the space to accommodate properly you wants to install in the room.  Write design ideas you have for the room. Determine whether you want to install a home theater, a bar, a pool table, poker or a pinball machine. Walk around your lair and decide where to put everything.

Measure the dimensions. Divide each area, as you go to place and determine if you have enough space for everything you want man cave ideas for basement. Choose a color scheme. A room to watch TV may require dark curtains for walls and floor, while a games room may need a more traditional light system.

Search furniture stores to select the types of seats. The bar area requires bar stools, while the home theater requires comfortable, such as reclining sofas or armchairs striped sofas. Larger holes can have seating areas, with two chairs and a lamp or a table. Visit flooring stores if you want to change the bedroom floor. The wooden floors give good man cave ideas for basement, and scatter rugs add a touch of color.

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